Okay…we’ve been trying to update the Frappr BarCamp map with past and upcoming BarCamps around the world, but since they keep popping up daily, it’s difficult to keep up!

Prague (that’s the American version of) or BarCampPraha just popped up.  BarCamps Seoul, SanDiego, Houston, Minnesota, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Capetown have appeared only in the past week or so. I added BarCampTdot (Chris and I are travelling to Tdot in May and it’s my old stomping grounds). For a brief second, I thought to myself, “Is this scalable?” Then I laughed it off (silly, it belongs to the commons, of course it’s scalable).

Amazing stuff! If you want to start a BarCamp in your area, it’s as easy as visiting the wiki and taking a look at what other campers have done to put together their amazing events. Oh…and add your upcoming camp to Frappr! It’s great to actually see them laid out on the map.