Geoff from has created a couple banners for Barcampers to use to spread the word! Here’s his description of the service:

I came across BarCamp and was wondering if we could help. I’m part of a free, volunteer-based service called that facilitates word of mouth on blogs and websites. is essentially a central listing of ad-sized badges and banners.  All kinds of organizations – nonprofits, grassroots, blogs, unconferences, bands, etc. – are welcome.  In a nutshell, it works like this:

  1. You upload a small image on (basic image, logo, graphic ad, banner, iTunes artwork, etc.).
  2. Upon uploading, the site automatically transforms the image into a clickable “badge” (or ad) pointing to your website; it also creates a page for the badge on Word of Blog, which includes an HTML snippet for displaying the badge.
  3. Once your badge is up on the site, any friend, well-wisher or supporter can grab the badge (using the HTML snippet) and post it on their own blog or site, thereby advertising and driving traffic to your organization. As part of each badge, there is a “Want this badge?” tagline that points back to the HTML snippet, to maximize the viral effect. tracks and displays all clicks, so that anyone can see who posted your badge (this also enables you to pull the badge from a site if the badge got posted on an undesirable website or blog). We typically encourage organizations that upload their badge on to get the word of mouth started by posting the badge prominently on their site (with a “call to action” encouraging their readers to pick up the badge and post it on their blogs, sites, online profiles, etc.).

While commercial ads are not excluded, is a free system with no commercial mechanism, and we’re very much focused on public interest, nonprofit, emerging artists and trends, hot issues, upcoming blogs and unconferences, basically what typically falls under the radar screen of online ad networks. Our service is completely non-partisan and organizations of all types are welcome. Bloggers like this system because it gives them complete control over who they choose to support and advertise on their sites.