Barcamp Amsterdam / XTech

Andy reports that the planning for Barcamp Amsterdam II has gotten underway:

Hear ye, hear ye!

These Amsterdammers liked the first one so much they’ve demanded another, and what are the BarCampers of the world to do but comply? Coming this May, on the coattails of XTech 2006, BarCamp Amsterdam II: The Revenge of the BarCamp (If you haven’t heard of BarCamp, here’s some background)

Okay, maybe not the revenge. But yeah, I’m helping organize another BarCamp here in Amsterdam, May 19th through the 21st. If you couldn’t make it to the first one, be sure to come to this one, and if you were at the first one, help out for the second )

Event:    BarCamp Amsterdam II
Location: Mediamatic
When:     May 19th - Opening Meetup/Drinks after XTech
          May 20th and 21st - BarCamp’n

I made an upcoming event (or two), if you’re involved in any techie things around here I would personally love to hear from you as in addition to working on BarCamp I now live in Amsterdam and am trying to make more friends.

We should have cooking facilities again and the meal Boris cooked last time went over well so I am hoping to find a couple volunteer cooks. More details and other exciting volunteer opportunities on the wiki.