Whenever I see a new Barcamp on the scene, the first thing I usually do is throw together a logo and toss it up on Flickr. There's something about having an event logo that makes it real — and makes it look professional (in the sense that, yes, there are real people putting real effort in to make this event happen).

Selfishly, it's also to maintain the image of the Barcamp brand — since, as a community mark, it's important that we collectively maintain the perceptive of Barcamp on and offline — and the logo is usually the first encounter people have with the brand. 

So I was thinking… it might be interesting to make a Barcamp logo generator. It wouldn't be all that hard — and I have an idea how it could work. I just don't have the time or expertise to make it happen.

Try this: take sFIR for the location (that's the only dynamic text we'd need). Next create a two-image mask, one for the flame and 'camp' and another for the 'bar'. The colors would be determined by by using a color wheel — or using a color scheme generator. The slider would simply change two big blocks of color behind the transparent masks making it look as though you're actually changing the color of the type and flame.

Am I making any sense? Any one want to give it a go?