BarCamp San Francisco

Hot on the coat tails of Supernova and Bloggercon (which has a day to go still), we’re opening up the doors to BarCamp San Francisco tonight at 8pm at One Market Street.

We’re nearly at 300 sign-ups as of 5:30pm, even though the venue can only hold 250 at a time… sorting out access once we reach capacity will be interesting, but we’ll figure it out somehow.

If you are interested in coming — please make sure that you’re on the list since security will be double-checking. Not our rules, but we still have to abide by them (and really, Microsoft — especially Nima — has been great in helping us get this all set so this stipulation really isn’t that bad)!

Oh, and feel free to bring your sleeping bag and stay over! No showers on the premises, but there’s always the possibility of getting a day-pass at a nearby gym…

And… can’t make it tonight? No worries, we’ll be starting off tomorrow at 9am so make sure to get there early to get your session on the board!

As always, contact us at barcamp [at] gmail dot com with questions, concerns or brilliance.