Fancy yourself a Drupalhead? Well our friend and soon-to-be-wed WineCamper Greg Beuthin is hosting a DrupalMentor Open Work Session Monday, August 28th to more or less coincide with this weekend’s BarCampEarth.

He writes:

What better way for some new users to see how things work on Drupal than an open work night? A couple of us will be working on some (basic) Drupal projects we’ve been neglecting for a while (like upgrading to 4.7, or installing some new modules, etc – i.e. no coding), and we want to do it in an open space like a bar, so new users and people who want to learn more in an open environment can just come, hang out, ask questions, etc.

You don’t need to bring a laptop, but if you have one, you can probably play a bit with some of the things we’re working on. We might be able to get a bona-fide expert in the room, or at least promise to be available online during the session.

RSVP so we can make sure we’ve picked a big enough spot (and if we get more than 4 people signed up I will consider this a raging success….)

Now, I’m not sure exactly where this will happen, but it sure sounds fun!