Besides offering up ten super steps to organizing a BarCamp, BarCampShanghai and BarCampVancouver alum Crystal Williams offers this nugget, which can’t be overemphasized:

Don’t over-complicate things. Don’t let other people over-complicate things. This is surprisingly hard. People have lots and lots of cool ideas that they want to execute to make your Barcamp awesome. That’s great as long as it doesn’t sidetrack the organizers. Try to get things accomplished in the order in which they are absolutely necessary. If you have a location, shirts, food, sponsors, etc locked down, then people can go nuts with the extras.


Don’t get too slack about the “everyone must participate” rule. It’s not just about attendance, it’s about knowledge transfer. Make sure people don’t think that it’s just a tech thing – creative talks are well received as long as they’re well thought out.

And, of course, the most important thing!

Remember: this is supposed to be fun. Keep it that way.

Yet another excellent resource to add to the organizing page.