Last year’s BarCampLA featured Kent Nichols, the ninja from AskANinja, Jason Calacanis of Netscape, Ian Rogers of Yahoo! Media, Angelo from DeviantArt, Sean Bonner of Metroblogging and a host of other class acts (and I should be ashamed for listing anyone by name since there honestly were so many incredible people in attendance!). And becoming a yearly tradition, BoingBoing is providing its customary pimpage:

BarCamp continues to be a fantastic space for local geeks to gather, in cities around the world. Because Los Angeles is such a media-centric city (three BBers live there), BarCampLA #2 is bound to collect all sorts of media-tech geeks. Come join us November 11th and 12th at Little Radio. Sign up here.

Meanwhile, Lijit founder Stan James points out that BarCampBoulder is happening at the same time, Nov 10-11 (signup). Kathy Sierra nor Chris Locke has signed up yet, and I’m keen to investigate whether it’s some unfortunate coincidence keeping them from attending their first-ever hometown BarCamp!