Giovanni Gallucci and I stayed up all night Sunday-Monday an edited together a rough 6 minutes from the 36 hours of tape captured at BarCampAustin II. We posted the video to YouTube, but in our sleep deprived state forgot to post it here; sorry all. Please pass it along to anyone and everyone as we hope it will help promote all things BarCamp. We’ll also be adding sessions, round tables, and other videos at a rate of 2 or 3 a week for the next few weeks. So if there is something that happened and you missed it, you should be able to recapture the moment online in the near future.

And now, you can digg this!

WARNING: The music has 2 fbombs in it so be aware of your listening environment. One is at 05:09-05:08 and the other is at 01:48-01:47