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Jay Fichialos and whurley have set up a pre-summit dinner tonight March 14, 7:00 PM CST Dinner at Sullivan’s Steak House (300 Colorado St at W 3rd St in Austin).

This is totally last minute notice, but we’ve been talking about it for some time, and, well, we’ve finally got a venue for tonight! We’ve got a private room for dinner for a lively discussion to discuss plans for tomorrow and to catch up, and then after, there’s a jazz bar attached for those interested in drinks and music.

For tomorrow’s Planners Summit, we’ll be at The Driskill Hotel at E 6th St and Brazas starting at 10am and going throughout the day.

Whatever comes out of this will of course be documented and shared on the wiki.

unconference the bookI hadn’t heard about this effort before I was twitter-messaged about it and David Crow blogged about it, but it appears that there’s an effort to capture the experience of our community and others on a bunch of mushed up dead trees.

Unconference the Book was formally launched yesterday at WikiCamp in India by none other than Jimmy Wales himself.

Various folks have been pinged to help co-author the book and, without knowing more about the project, I would encourage anyone to write up a few pages of content to add to the mix. In fact, an “unbook” from the “unconference” community would be a very appropriate demonstration of the social technology we’ve been developing over the past year and a half. Being able to fold in chapters and essays like an open source project would be a logical progression of the community and a nice way to capture the work coming out of the BarCamp Planners Summit at SXSW.

Now if only they’d add OpenID to the wiki….

Classic: three words to describe the Roots Camp experience… spreading the Spirit of BarCamp!

TechnoPoliticsCamp arose out of a BarCamp at Stanford in August 2006, with the intent to explore possibilities of expanded collaboration among organizations working at the intersection of politics and information/communication technology.

Early participants signed up on the wiki include members of CPSR (the sponsoring organization), League of Technical Voters, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Privaterra, Stanford
Center for Internet and Society, CivicSpace, CivicEvolution, Berkeley International Computer Science Institute, Community Technology Foundation of California, etc.

The general goal is to create stronger and more coherent coalitions devoted to democratic technology, freedom, social justice, and sustainability. Possible topics of specific focus that have been suggested for discussion include:

  • DOPA follow-up
  • 2006 mid-term elections follow-up
  • Use of telephony, Skype/VoIP especially, in the 06 and 08 election cycles
  • Net neutrality
  • Open spectrum
  • Tools for activism
  • Online deliberation
  • Digital divides
  • Community computing
  • Software patents and free software
  • Domestic wiretapping and privacy
  • Voting technology and security

As with any BarCamp event, the agenda is set ultimately by those who show up, with breakout groups according to what people want to talk about. The event is being held at the Open Source Applications Foundation in San Francisco, Sunday December 17, 2006, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

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