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[photo credit: Syndey Alvares]

How cool is that? My company is sponsoring me to go to Bangalore to help organize and attend BarCampBangalore, which is shaping up to be quite the shindig with over 50 campers already signed up even before they have firmed up a date (it looks like April 22, but they are still discussing it). Wow.

I’ve never been to India, so I’m uber excited about this. The organizers have been awesome and I look forward to meeting all of them.

We’re crossing our fingers that Chris will also be able to join me. As a team, we may be able to do a Mashpit Bangalore as well. 😉

Okay…so we worked on a fancy schmancy new logo for WineCamp over the weekend as well as a fancier schmancier downloadable and printable pdf info/registration thingy (’cause we were told that some people outside of the geekosphere are frightened by wikis – which we wanted to be sensitive to).

It almost looks like we are doing something “professional”. Don’t worry, though. It just appears that way. WineCamp will be as adhoc and unconference as any BarCamp has ever been. 😉

Vive l’amateur!

Hot on the heels of BarCampOttawa and DrupalCampNYC and right before WineCamp, will be BarCampTdot! Seeing that Chris and I (missrogue) will be in Toronto during that time, we pinged David Crow and Jay Goldman to start discussing the idea of having a BarCamp while we are there. They both loved the idea and pointed us towards Roland, who has been encouraging the idea as well.

This is how BarCamp starts. An idea. A desire. An urge to gather somewhere. It’s the awakening of our collective unconscious. And, according to Jay and David, the last couple of BarCamps in Toronto have been attended by hundreds…so it should be a great time. 😉

UPDATE: BarCampTdot will be taking place on May 13-14 (Chris and I have a family obligation on the 20th)

UPDATE: Chris and I are also speaking at the fantabulous ununconference (ie. unBarCamp, but still uber cool) Mesh Conference in TO on the 15th and the 16th.

p.s. for those of you non-Canucks out there, T-dot is one of the many affectionate terms used for Toronto (also TO, The Big Smoke, HogTown, etc.)…

p.p.s. yes, that’s Tim Horton’s, which I miss desperately…;)

Okay…we’ve been trying to update the Frappr BarCamp map with past and upcoming BarCamps around the world, but since they keep popping up daily, it’s difficult to keep up!

Prague (that’s the American version of) or BarCampPraha just popped up.  BarCamps Seoul, SanDiego, Houston, Minnesota, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Capetown have appeared only in the past week or so. I added BarCampTdot (Chris and I are travelling to Tdot in May and it’s my old stomping grounds). For a brief second, I thought to myself, “Is this scalable?” Then I laughed it off (silly, it belongs to the commons, of course it’s scalable).

Amazing stuff! If you want to start a BarCamp in your area, it’s as easy as visiting the wiki and taking a look at what other campers have done to put together their amazing events. Oh…and add your upcoming camp to Frappr! It’s great to actually see them laid out on the map.