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Toronto’s version of BarCamp (aka ) has won Best do-it-yourself conference from NOW magazine:

BarCamp was created in response to Tim O’Reilly’s ultra-exclusive FooCamp, and Toronto was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Billed as ‘un-conferences,’ these community-driven events for local tech geeks require participation from all attendees. BarCamp has several spinoffs, including the monthly DemoCamp where six presenters have 15 minutes to wow the crowd with their latest innovations.

Considering we’re up there with the likes of AmberMac, I’d say this has been a smashing year our ragtag group of independent BarCampers!

So we're looking to raise some money for food at Barcamp TDot. Any takers?

If so, drop by our Fundable project page.

Hot on the heels of BarCampOttawa and DrupalCampNYC and right before WineCamp, will be BarCampTdot! Seeing that Chris and I (missrogue) will be in Toronto during that time, we pinged David Crow and Jay Goldman to start discussing the idea of having a BarCamp while we are there. They both loved the idea and pointed us towards Roland, who has been encouraging the idea as well.

This is how BarCamp starts. An idea. A desire. An urge to gather somewhere. It’s the awakening of our collective unconscious. And, according to Jay and David, the last couple of BarCamps in Toronto have been attended by hundreds…so it should be a great time. 😉

UPDATE: BarCampTdot will be taking place on May 13-14 (Chris and I have a family obligation on the 20th)

UPDATE: Chris and I are also speaking at the fantabulous ununconference (ie. unBarCamp, but still uber cool) Mesh Conference in TO on the 15th and the 16th.

p.s. for those of you non-Canucks out there, T-dot is one of the many affectionate terms used for Toronto (also TO, The Big Smoke, HogTown, etc.)…

p.p.s. yes, that’s Tim Horton’s, which I miss desperately…;)