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unconference the bookI hadn’t heard about this effort before I was twitter-messaged about it and David Crow blogged about it, but it appears that there’s an effort to capture the experience of our community and others on a bunch of mushed up dead trees.

Unconference the Book was formally launched yesterday at WikiCamp in India by none other than Jimmy Wales himself.

Various folks have been pinged to help co-author the book and, without knowing more about the project, I would encourage anyone to write up a few pages of content to add to the mix. In fact, an “unbook” from the “unconference” community would be a very appropriate demonstration of the social technology we’ve been developing over the past year and a half. Being able to fold in chapters and essays like an open source project would be a logical progression of the community and a nice way to capture the work coming out of the BarCamp Planners Summit at SXSW.

Now if only they’d add OpenID to the wiki….

DNA India says it best:

An unconventional techie rebellion has reached Indian shores. Fighting the onslaught of “invite-only” expensive trade conferences, the Silicon Valley software community started the Bar Camp in 2005. A year on, the movement is in India, home to an enviable pool of technology professionals.

In other words: first Silicon Valley, then the world!



Just kidding! Ha!

Update: Economic Times Mumbai picks up the story.

[photo credit: Syndey Alvares]

How cool is that? My company is sponsoring me to go to Bangalore to help organize and attend BarCampBangalore, which is shaping up to be quite the shindig with over 50 campers already signed up even before they have firmed up a date (it looks like April 22, but they are still discussing it). Wow.

I’ve never been to India, so I’m uber excited about this. The organizers have been awesome and I look forward to meeting all of them.

We’re crossing our fingers that Chris will also be able to join me. As a team, we may be able to do a Mashpit Bangalore as well. 😉