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A buddy of mine in Cairo that I met through Flickr and infected with the BarCamp bug has proposed and is spearheading an event he calls :

TuneCamp is a fun event (which is most likely, a party) to hold true music tasters and musicians’ interests together in a very comprehensive and practical way. The idea of TuneCamp is basically a get-down-with-music gathering, its goal is to widen up people’s musical cultures, help organizing and researching music much easier and much fun. Even though that TuneCamp holds basic activities, yet it’s very random and very welcoming to new ideas that can take place immediately.

I’m sure Kareem could use some help, so if you’re interested, let him know.

Reemer shares some incentives to hit up BarCampLA Part Deux:

Barcamp LA II will take place on Nov 11+12 in a new and improved Little Radio Warehouse.  Barcamp II will feature:

  • Electric cars available to test drive
  • Stormhoek wine
  • A fatter pipe to the interweb
  • Other cool goodies

Sign up here, and please hit me up if you’re interested in helping out–barcamp at reemer dot com.  Right now we’re looking for sponsors and folks who can help set up on Saturday and Sunday.

There’s a great article about BarCampNYC in Wired from last month.

Good mentions of WineCamp, RootsCamp, and our friends at (blog post) and Toonamation.


Following in Milan and the upcoming will be , “A Web 2.0 un-conference in Rome, Italy”:

Just an occasion to visit caput mundi under the cloak to talk about web 2.0, Information Architecture, social networking, business models, net economy, buzzing, geeks, blogging, conversational media, scenarios, what in Italy will be about innovation and what in Europe…

Fabio Masetti has announced the camp and followed up with something in Italian.

Now we just need to see a BarCampMessina. Heh.

I can’t even keep track of all the BarCamps coming out anymore, but as an alum of the first BarCampLA, I wanted to drop a shoutout to the second coming of BarCampLA, happening again at Little Radio, this time November 11th and 12th.

As usual, they’re looking for attendees and sponsors! You know what to do.