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Door to the Forbidden CityKris Krug and a bunch of the Bryght and RainCity Studios folks are heading out to China for BarCampShanghai (note that they’re not using PBWiki because any URL with “wiki” in it is blocked in China).

Luyi Chen has a preview:

The first Barcamp in China will be held in Tudou’s office on Sept. 24. They have a cool office in a two floor Warehouse, with more than two thousand square meters. If you want to have a look at their famous wall drawings, I have taken some picturs, last time I visit their office.

As one kind of unplanned conference, all the sessions are scheduled in the morning on the conference day. If you want to lead a session, you must show up at the schedule time. Your session even have to get enough vote to happen, if too many people want to talk.

With the new homepage went live the door has opened. Register to the event early, because we can only accept 80 people. Of course the attendance is free, thanks to our sponsors. Before you sign up, keep the spirit of Barcamp in mind. Evenyone is encouraged to contribute something. Please visit the register page for how to register and see who will come.

Read my post on China Web2.0 Review for more background. Thanks godness, we have secured the venue and almost enough sponsors to make this happen. Now it’s time to spread the words. Pacific Epoch is helping us again.

I am thinking of leading a session on the conference. At least, I can blog the event.

Very cool! Can’t wait for the photos and the follow up blog posts!

Well, Microsoft has come through again, providing a space for :

BarCamp is coming back to New York City for a second round! I‘m happy to announce that BarCamp NYC will be hosted at the Microsoft office in midtown Manhattan. (The first round of BarCamp in NYC took place last January.

Hot on the heals of BarCampCapeTown, planning for more BarCamps is underway in South Africa:

“Open source conferencing” will hit Johannesburg and Durban by the end of the year as BarCamp fever grips South Africa.

Earlier this year, Tectonic reported on preparations for the massively successful BarCamp Cape Town (see some pics; roundup). Now geeks in Johannesburg and Durban are following suit.

BarCamp Johannesburg will run from 9-10 September while BarCamp Durban will run from 18-19 November 2006.

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BarCampEarth Tshirt (draft v1)

So we’ve got the first draft, but I need your feedback! Check out the full size version and let me know what you think — the concept is tour shirt and we want to commemorate… well, read the shirt and let me know!

BarCamp - the wiki of events

I’ve posted the slides of my Wikimania 2006 presentation. Feel free to use them and mash’em up — just be sure to give me and the photo authors a li’l credit. Thanks!

Oh, and if you missed it, here’s a video of the actual presentation courtesy Raines Cohen.