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Gregoire Japiot has announced WineCampFrance, happening at Lake Geneva (Saint-Paul-en-Chablais), France, from June 15 to the 17th. Here are the details here sent out:

What is WineCamp?

WineCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference, set in the country. It is born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment.

Everyone is encouraged to participate at WineCamp: everyone sets the agenda, presents, leads or gets involved in discussions and creates together.

Where is WineCamp France?

WineCamp France will take place near Lake Geneva in eastern France, in a small town called Saint-Paul-en-Chablais. It is 45 minutes from Geneva; 45 minutes from Lausanne (by boat); 2.5 hours from Lyon (by car) and 3 from Paris (by train).

How much does it cost?

We don’t know yet – depends on sponsors, and people who show up. Normally the cost covers basics – food and supplies. This is not a “conference” with an high admission price. WineCamp Calaveras had great sponsorship, and ended up costing participants $60 (45 Euros).

Who is “we”?

It’s you and anyone else who gets involved. Look at the WineCamp France wiki (see below) for more info about who has signed up to organize the event. The primary organizer and instigator for WineCamp France is Grégoire Japiot. The Smoking Goat is an early adopter and is also organizing and attending.

How do I get involved?

Read the latest on the WineCamp France website.

Visit the Wiki and sign yourself up – and volunteer to do something!
(Translators needed early and often!).

Sign up on the WineCamp email list.

We had an amazing time at the first WineCamp and can’t wait to see this event happen!


Riffing on the idea of WineCamp (for which one is coming up in France and another is being planned for Italy), Mike Bivens is pushing forward with his idea of BourbonCamp in Kentucky.

The idea is to maintain the tradition of mashing up geeks and non-profits, but this time in bourbon country!

It’s already been suggested that there be a BeerCamp in the great up North (or even Ireland?) but nothing’s been set in stone yet.

Perhaps I spoke too soon?

WineCamp Brochure Cover

I can't believe that WineCamp starts today (yes, this weekend! May 26-28)! We're pretty excited about the enthusiasm thus far and the 50 or so signups.

Just so you know, though…if you've only signed up on the wiki or Upcoming, there's one more step…

Yes yes, unlike BarCamps that have come before, we do require registration this time around (with a small $60 fee for food — with any overage going to the nonprofits).

So why register? (As if the idea of WineCamp doesn't sell itself? Geeks, nonprofits, conversations, bon fires, wine and awesome people?!)

  1. Because Chris and Tara have to go to Costco and buy food and haul it up 3 hours in a rental vehicle to Calaveras county and Jennifer has to plan meals and make certain everyone is fed and happy.
  2. Because we have to ensure there is a good balance of geeks and do-gooders to get those projects moving (we are, thusfar, perfectly balanced)
  3. Because we need to make certain we have space for everyone to pitch their tents on the picturesque, but rudimentary hilltop of the vineyard, making certain we have plenty of firepits, water, etc. for everyone to have the survivor weekend we are looking for. 😉

So, if you are planning to come, it's not to late! But please register by the end of day today so we can feed you and know to send out search dogs if you don't show up!

Oh… and if you have any questions, drop us a line, check out the wiki, check out the FAQs, check out the rideshare page and check out the I Need I Got page!

Scott Beale's posted our spiel:


WineCamp, an ad-hoc un-conference in the tradition of BarCamp, takes place May 26-28, in Calaveras County, California. Registration is now open.

What do you get when you put a bunch of geeks, a bunch of do-gooders and a bunch of wine together for a weekend in California’s Calaveras County?

You get WineCamp !

WineCamp is an ad-hoc geek and non-profit gathering taking place at a lovely vineyard over the weekend of May 26-28th. Everyone will arrive in the afternoon/early evening of Friday the 26th, pitch our tents, and join the rounds of campfire songs. On Saturday morning we’ll rise with the sun to a cowboy breakfast, then we’ll move straight into presentations, discussions and collaborations where everyone participates. On Sunday, we’ll introduce wifi and power to the equation so that project teams formed the day before can get down to work.

Our goal: to bring non-profits and technology together to improve the world around us…and we thought that a nice place to do this would be on a vineyard. 😉

For more information, visit the website: The official registration is now open (not the wiki or Upcoming). The cost is $60 for the whole weekend.

[p.s. for those that are ‘camping’ squeamish, there are nice hotels in town…just book them soon!]

p.p.s. the fancy schmancy pdf

Okay…so we worked on a fancy schmancy new logo for WineCamp over the weekend as well as a fancier schmancier downloadable and printable pdf info/registration thingy (’cause we were told that some people outside of the geekosphere are frightened by wikis – which we wanted to be sensitive to).

It almost looks like we are doing something “professional”. Don’t worry, though. It just appears that way. WineCamp will be as adhoc and unconference as any BarCamp has ever been. 😉

Vive l’amateur!