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barcamp orlando screen shotmatt mansfield sent me an link to an awesome video documenting Orlando’s first Barcamp. like all things peer-produced, the video needs your support to make it on tv. that’s right TV!

many kudos to jason and team for producing a lovely, eye catching video that promotes the barcamp revolution!

Marshall Kirkpatrick (now at Splashcast) put together a sweet video channel highlighting the many videos that have been produced about BarCamp around the world:

[splashcast YNNF9428AV]

If you’ve spent much time watching panel discussions at traditional conferences, you can understand why there’s a strong desire to at least try something different. How’s it working out? Now we can tour the world by video and get the answer right from the horses’ mouths. Displayed here are the RSS feeds from YouTube of video from and about BarCamps all around the world. Like what you see? Visit to find out when and where the BarCamp closest to you will be held – or learn how you can organize one yourself.

This content that appears in this player will update automatically, as new videos are uploaded to YouTube and tagged with the words BarCamp and location names. You can put this live player on your page (or your wiki!) using the embed code available in the player. If you live in one of these locations and want to have the player default to your group of videos – just grab the embed code while that set of videos is playing.

I’ve now added this to our fledgling video page on the wiki and encourage you to add yours!

Thanks Marshall!

Logo my buddies at Assignment Zero are inquiring about “unconferences.” DrupalCamp, Barcamp, PodCamp, Social Media Club, RootsCamp, FOOCamp, and Penguin Day are just a few of the examples they list. personally, i can attest to the value of peer to peer knowedge sharing, and “unconferences” are just the beginning. take a few minutes and tell Assignment Zero your opinion of unconferences and it’s variants.

this was article is cross posted on the

Toronto’s version of BarCamp (aka ) has won Best do-it-yourself conference from NOW magazine:

BarCamp was created in response to Tim O’Reilly’s ultra-exclusive FooCamp, and Toronto was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Billed as ‘un-conferences,’ these community-driven events for local tech geeks require participation from all attendees. BarCamp has several spinoffs, including the monthly DemoCamp where six presenters have 15 minutes to wow the crowd with their latest innovations.

Considering we’re up there with the likes of AmberMac, I’d say this has been a smashing year our ragtag group of independent BarCampers!

There’s a great article about BarCampNYC in Wired from last month.

Good mentions of WineCamp, RootsCamp, and our friends at (blog post) and Toonamation.